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Current Clients

  • Pace security services
  • Allied security contracts (UK) ltd
  • Citi gates Security
  • Rhema business consult

We advertise every week on the internet so that when you need us, we already have a suitable candidate for you. If we don't already have a suitable candidate on our database we will advertise the position in the most appropriate media or our website.

We interview all candidates in depth. We research their careers to date. We test their skills to confirm they can do what they say they can. We will consider how they match your specification, how they will fit in and what they will bring to your business. We check any references they provide. Then, if we believe they are the right person for the position, we will send you a detailed report on our findings and opinions.

If we are supplying a temp we take up our own references.

We will select the right people for your permanent vacancy, we will arrange for you to interview, and send a detailed profile of each candidate.